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'm bret baier. how close is it? polls have romney and obama in deadlock. gallup has it 49-48 romney. real clear politics average of recent national polls has the president ahead by a little more than half a point. just ahead, karl rove and joe trippi break down the final electoral map and offer their prediction. the tug of war over ohio landed two men, not joe and carl, president obama and governor romney in shouting distance in the state capital. chief political correspondent begins our coverage from columbus. >> romney hit four states, tossup in the poll and the map to 270 electoral votes. >> we could begin better tomorrow, tomorrow and with the help of people in florida that will happen. >> first stop, florida, with shot at the president to shore up lead that dwindled. >> cared more about the liberal agenda than repairing the economy. did obamacare create new jobs? >> no! >> latinos are big in florida. and nationwide romney hoped to poll in 30s. he's been in 20s for months. first of two stops in virginia, lynchburg. >> get everyone we know out to vote tuesday. every voter get out. >> t
, republican romney said he glossed over the messier details a charged the nation will face a recession if mr. obama is re-elected. >> he said he would lower the unemployment rate, down to 5.#% now. today we learn it's actually 7.9%. that is 9 million jobs short of what he promised. unemployment is higher today than when obama took office. >> former labor department official notes at this pace it would take decade to get back to full employment. >> we need to have certain growth to keep up with the population. we're still talking nine or ten years of recovery. >> yet, the president has a narrow lead in ohio because the state's unemployment rate is only 7%. the president has gotten some credit for the auto bail-out. he charged today romney is trying to win this state by falsely charging in an ad the bail-out will lead chrysler to shift jobs from jeep plant here to china. >> everybody knows it's not true. the car companies themselves have told governor romney to knock it off. >> romney spokeswoman stood behind the ad charging, "his mismanagement of the process exposed taxpayers to $25 billion l
a three-day pause to deal with hurricane sandy. mitt romney is hoping to ride post debate momentum in to the oval office. we start with chief political correspondent carl cameron with the governor in virginia. >> in a three rally swing across battleground state of virginia where he leads by half a point to real clear politics average of recent polls, romney resumed the post hurricane criticism of obama's presidency. >> we need change. for real change we have to take a different course. i will get the economy going from day one we are making changes. >> government reported consumer confidence is at the highest point since obama took office. romney if a new ad mocks the president for resurrecting a proposal on monday rejected by the congressional republicans earlier in year. for a new cabinet level secretary of business. romney slammed him on the stump for it, too. >> find something to suggest it will be better over the next fur years. we game up with an idea that he will create the department of business. i don't think adding a new chair in cabinet will help add millions of jobs on
. >> ahead, i also look forward to sitting down with governor romney to talk about where we can work together to move the country forward. >> except for president elect obama did the same with republican john mccain. >> just going to have a good conversation about how we can do some work together. to fix up the country. >> reporter: within a year-and-a-half, the president did not seem as conciliatory toward mccain at healthcare summit. >> let me just make this point, john, because we're not campaigning anymore. the election is over. >> i'm reminded of that every day. >> the president made clear mccain and his republican colleagues simply moved too far to the right to work out any deals. republican view is president idea of bipartisan is to force them to accept sharp tax increases. they're skeptical mr. obama is willing to step up with real spending cuts. >> i was interested in his remarks last night. about saying that the best is yet to come. we would have liked to have seen some of that in the first four years. but maybe, maybe he really is serious this time. >> a stummaling block may be the
the government for 8.5 days. the reality is similar to what romney laid out in the campaign. my plan is bring down rates and deductions at the same time so revenue stays in. we bring down rates to get people working. >> they are meeting with ceos, caterpillar and goldman sachs and other key players on the fiscal issues. erskine bowles, coauthor of the simpson-bowles plan, they want the business community to hear their ideas after president obama met with ceos two weeks ago. a big deal should include spending cut and reforms. >> chief white house correspondent ed henry is reporting that both sides cannot agree on whether they are still talking. >> the republicans suggest fiscal talk hit impasse and demand that president obama show leadership to break it. >> we'll wait on the president and hope he can bring people together to forge a compromise. if he does, we will get there and if he doesn't, we won't. that simple. white house released a report on cyber monday warning that a deadlock would crush retailer and devastate consumer spending, white house spokesman carney pushed back on the idea that
, the former presidential candidate mitt romney was at the white house today. >> it's relatively brief. we had lunch with turkey chili and not business. president did have a specific job offer or anything for mitt romney. after the white house put out a statement to say they pledge to keep in touch if the opportunity arises down the road that sounded like not so much. >> bret: did biden bring by the apple pie? >> they may save that for a celebration if hay get a deal. >> all right, ed. thank you. >> major retailers are reporting weaker than expected holiday sales so far. november receipts are 1.7% over last year. that is well below the 4.5 to 5.5 predicted for holiday season. the economy grew at 2.7% in the third quarter better than the figure announced. the dow was up 37. the s&p 500 gained six. nasdaq finished ahead 20. syrian rebels struck a major blow in the heart of the government today killing a top ruling of the party in a car bombing and someone is cutting off internet and cell phone communication in syria in certain areas. both sides pointing fingers at the others. all of this as deci
. this caused them to overestimate romney's likely vote in the swing states. they were wrong. those who rejected electorate in 2008 were right. lesson learned all around. poll aggregator real clear politics was not part of the study. but it correctly predicted every state with florida still undecided. the biggest money loser in the general election campaign was casino mogul sheldon addleson who spent $53 million on the romney effort as well as funding senate and house races off. of his candidates lost except one. nevada senator-elect dean heller defeated addleson foe shelly berkeley, a democrat. forbes put it in perspective. $53 million may sound like a chuck of change, it's not much for a guy worth $20.5 billion. imagine an average person with $100,000 net worth, buying a pair of shoes for $250. you'd care if you lost them, but you wouldn't be ruined. finally one kentucky candidate learned the hard way that every vote counts. robert mcdonald finished in a dead heat with to livia bilou for time seat on the walton city council. one vote that was not cast would have put him over the top. only one
mr. obama captured 99%. "philadelphia inquirer" reports that g.o.p. nominee mitt romney failed to garner a single vote in 59 of the city divisions. subsets of wards where 700 people could be registered to vote. >> i think the people voted the way they believed in. the polling across the nation showed that the african-american community was supporting the president by 98-99%. >> in ten of chicago 50 wards, largely inner city, the president likewise captured 98% of the vote. some parts of philadelphia witnessed turn-out rate exceeding 90%. arousing suspicion that something other than brotherly love was at work. >> in some precincts in philadelphia you will see as they finish the, you know, the official count, i think you will see places where there are many people voting in a precinct than signed in at the poll book. >> i don't find it hard to believe there are neighborhoods in the united states that president obama got 97 to 99% of the vote. the turn-out level strikes me as suspicious. philadelphia has been a administration that had irregular election procedures in the past. >>
that many miles per hours have with the federal government. governor romney battled over many things, including the food stamps. november 9, three days after the election, ohio department of job and family services announced the food stamp benefits will drop by $50 a month for 870,000 of the state's poorest citizens. starting january 1. that adds up to more than half a billion dollars out of grocery pu budget. the state appeal denied which prompted a conservative blo blogger to quip they told me if i voted for romney food stamp benefits would be cut and they were right. victoria secret annual fashion show got attention for the clothing but not the way they hoped. the native american inspired outfit floor length head dress caused outrage. navajo nation spokesman said any mockery, halloween, victoria's secret they are spitting on us and the culture. victoria's secret apologized and they edited out the segment from the broadcast. a week after the election and more than two months until inauguration day speculation is rampant who might fill the cabinet positions expected to open. some na
at all. >> so, mitt romney once proposed the same idea during the campaign and the recent news conference and mr. obama talked as if the only way he knew to tackle deductions was trimming them one by one. >> raise revenue through dynamic scoring or closing loopholes that have not been identified. >> a cap on deductions though has the benefit of avoiding arguments over specific deductions by just limiting the total. so, it should not affect the small businesses, it appears on its face to be a fairway to go. >> and the democratic senator kent conrad says there's renewed interest in a cap. and the 750 billion dollars in revenue from the cap would approach the take from the rate increase on the wealthy and congress and the president's budget office put that at 825 to 850 billion and the president adds in other things. >> it's very difficult to see how you make up that trillion dollars if we're serious about deficit reduction just by closing loopholes and deductions and the math tends not to work. >> if the deduction cap were lowered to 25,000, close to 1.4 trillion, but also people making les
the enders -- contenders for person of the year. a list including president obama, mitt romney, hillary clinton, bill clinton, mohammed morsi and benjamin netanyahu. fluke's inclusion might come as a surprise as a news-maker. one might say she was dwarfed by the others. looking at the top 50 newspapers this year, senator fluke appeared in 1,059 articles. mitt romney in 71,000. president obama 59,000. bill clinton 11,000. the win her be announced december 14. >>> finally, china communist newspape daily" has been hoodwinked. they ran a 55-page photo spread in tribute to kim jung un and named "onion sexiest man alive." with his round face and boyish charm and the strong sturdy chin, this pyongyang bred heartthrob is every woman's dream come true. this is true. >>> you may soon feel effect not of the earthquake in your wallet from new environmental regulations that, now that president obama has won re-election. fox news net wok senior correspondent -- network senior washington correspondent peter bans takes a look at what it could mean for you. >> top senate critic of the environmental prot
>> eric: if i did -- >> isn't that what romney bet? >> bob: yes, i don't have enelevator in my garage. >> greg: you have an elevator in your bedroom. >> kimberly: he is here all week. that is it for "the five." thank you for watching. see you here tomorrow. >>> president obama challenges critic of the terror attack to "go after me," not u.n. ambassador susan rice. this is "special report." ♪ >> chris: good evening. i'm chris wallace in for bret baier. president obama held his first news conference in eight months today. and the first question was not about the fiscal cliff, or the terror attack in libya. no. it was about the scandal involving two top officials, two women who are not their wives an whether there was a breach of national security. we have fox team coverage. national security correspondent jennifer griffin looks at whether the mistress of the former c.i.a. director had classified information on her home computer. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge tells us how some republican lawmakers are invoking washington's most famous scandal ever. but we b
in the mitt romney fundraising machine. he has the apparatus to run, they say, but add he hasn't yet thought about it. in the next year, three big figures, rob potman, chris christie and marco rubio awful with star power but rubio has extra juice says karl rove. >> hubie browmarco rubio is best communicator, latino and from a battleground state. >> iowa is on his agenda. his spokesman told fox news it's too soon to think about 2016. >> he is focused on work in the senate. christie said he was too busy with sandy to think about this woke's election let alone '16. >> move forward in our recovery efforts. >> strong women could populate the republican field. kelly ayotte of new hampshire. nikki haley and martinez. bobby jindal, bob mcdonald amend scotand scott walker. watch who knows to battl battleground. >> candidates that spend a lot of time in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, in 2013 and '14 are making a mistake. >> on the democratic side, joe biden could take one more shot though he would be 73. warner and mccain of virginia. new york cuomo. maryland to malley. bill clinton programnance
know? then he does play the sort of lalancelot defending the women. made romney with binders with women feminist in comparison, patronizing attack on two male senators who would dare attack the girl, which was intended in his tone. this is all the usual, you know, if you attack the pride, he will strike you on that. it was clearly defensive. it was also a stonewall. after all, what she said was absolutely and completely misleading. either inadvertently where it's complete incompetence or on purpose, in which case it's deception. then he basically, he took bait on that and said look, that wasn't her speaking. that was me speaking. if you want to pick on somebody, pick on me. how can anybody mcon him or even question him, if he hasn't had a press conference in eight months? you know, he clearly hasn't been out there. he's been hiding behind inquiries, behind investigations. and now behind susan rice. but now i think he is out there. and he is vulnerable on this. i think he may rebret having said that. >> let me pick up on the other interesting development. senator mccain, graham, ayotte s
romney in the time week of the presidential campaign. that is according to a study on the project for excellence in journalism. finally, 40-year billion-plus-dollar transportation project opened with a bang. not in a good way. transportation secretary ray lahood lauded brand new express lanes in virginia as a model for american infrastructure. drivers have the option of paying a toll or carpooling the ride inaster moving traffic. it fluctuates depending on how busy the road is. over the weekend, there were reports of several crashesvoing multiple vehicles that were all caused by the drivers swerving or making lane changes to avoid the toll lane. monday, in the first rush hour test police investigated a four-car collision at the start of the morning commute. transportation authorities are scrambling to make clear and more extended markings intending to my mize upbe safe lane changes. ♪ ♪ >> shannon: our top story at the bottom of the hour. cease-fire between palestinians and gaza and israel began 90 minutes ago. midnight local time. leland vittert on the human toll for people w
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)